Adult and Teenage Acne


The sebaceous glands which is part of the hair follicle produces a sebum, a natural lubricant for the skin. This sebum is essential for good skin health. An increase in sebum production can cause persistent acne or breakouts. Bacteria (P.acnes) found in the follicle feasts on the build up of dead skin cells within the follicle, causing inflammation. If sebum is not flowing freely, grime and dirt can accumulate resulting in the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, skin irritation or inflammation. 

Who does Acne effect?


Acne can affect a huge section of the population but it is more prevalent in 92% of teenagers and 48% of adults.

What can cause Acne?


The onset of acne can be contributed by a number of factors - hormonal (increase in androgen), inadequate skincare, medication (antibiotics or contraceptive pill) stress, ill health and an inadequate diet. All of these causes the breakdown of the natural barrier function of the skin. 

Can Acne be cured?


Acne cannot be cured but can be reduced dramatically depending on its severity and it can also be controlled.

Any change in the above contributors can increase the chance of re-occurrence. 

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