Reset  Facial Treatment


Who can benefit from this treatment?

This treatment is the perfect choice for everyone, especially those who are stressed, recovering from an illness, a frequent flyer, or simply because you have neglected your skin for quite sometime and you want to get it back on track. 

This treatment is also a great way to kick start your healthy skin care regime and for those who cannot commit  to a treatment programme because of work or travel.

What to expect from a reset treatment?

As we all know, not everyone's skin is the same, so therefore the treatment will be bespoke. Treatment is carried out using medical grade products that contains active and effective ingredients with proven results. As part of the procedure I also include a superficial peel to help increase exfoliation and to ensure a good effective turnover of cells. An application of  LED therapy to stimulate the cells natural restorative processes and lots of specialist serums to finish.

How will your skin benefit from a reset?

This treatment can help to address many skin conditions such as sun damaged or premature skin ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation, blemishes and dryness. It helps to increase cell turnover and hydration, it enables skin products to be absorbed more effectively. It will also help to improve the overall health of your skin by preventing skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

The results, a glowing, hydrated, restored skin.



Reset facial treatment - £120.00

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