Body Treatments below the Decollete


Can treatments can be carried out on other parts of the body?

Yes, treatments carried out on the face can also be carried out on any other part of the body including the decolletage area, neck, back, legs and thighs, arms and hands. Treatments are suitable for both men and woman.

What treatments are recommended?

Intense pulse light (IPL), infr-red (IR), radio frequency (RF), skin peels and micro needling can all help to improve the appearance of sun damage and premature ageing skin, pigmentation, vascular, cellulite, stretch marks and laxity of the skin. 

Skin products for the body are also recommended to use before, during and post treatment to ensure a good treatment outcome and longer lasting results. Options will be given to decide what treatment is best for you.

How many treatments are needed?

Six or more treatments are recommended with a 4-6 week interval, this will ensure a better success rate.

Skin Tightening Treatments

IR (Infra red) and RF (Radio - frequency)

15 minute sessions

  • per session - £90.00

  • course of 6 - £520.00

Taster session - £25.00

30 minute sessions

  • per session - £150.00

  • course of 6 - £880.00

60 minute sessions

  • per session - £270.00

  • course of 6 - £1,570.00

Skin rejuvenation treatments can also be carried out with the Sharplight OmniMax™ system using the laser or IPL (intense pulse light) application. 

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