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Byonik® Pulse Triggered Laser Treatment in Central London


I am so excited to be introducing the new Byonik® pulse triggered laser to my clinic and clients.

With its dual laser wavelengths, this technology is unique because it is guided by your own pulse. With every beat of your heart, it releases energy into the skin. It reenergises and repairs your skin cells, it restores and upregulates collagen and elastin production to preserve youthfulness; improve the volume, quality, contours, and signs of ageing skin. It also promotes healing by reducing irritation, redness, inflammation and deeply hydrates the skin directly within the skin cells.

Treatment with the Byonik® is completely painless, has no down time, produces no heat and it is Suitable for all skin types, even darker skin types. It can be performed at any time of the year.  It immediately improves skin texture and hydration. And like all rejuvenating treatments, the more you have, the best results can be achieved.

The Byonik® works together with specially formulated hyaluronic acids gels that are embedded with antioxidants. These antioxidants get transferred directly into the cells. It’s the only system that can achieve this.

Unlike other invasive and ablative treatments where the telomeres are shortened each time the cells divide, the Byonik® concept is to protect the telomeres and improving vital cellular function, therefore delaying, or slowing down the signs of ageing.

What skin conditions can the Byonik® pulse triggered laser help improve?

Dry skin and dehydrated skin

Fine lines and wrinkles








Acne and cystic acne

To find out how the Byonik® treatments can help you, book a consultation:

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Byonik® treatment from £150.00 per session.
Can be used alone or as part of a treatment programme.

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