De-pigmentation Programme 

with Cosmelan


What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan® is the worlds leading professional de-pigmentation treatment by mesoestetic®. The treatment is suitable for all forms of advance pigmentation from melasma, post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, solar or senile lentigo (age spots) to ephelides (freckles). It can be used on all skin phototypes (colour).

How does it work?

Cosmelan® is an intensive corrective treatment that regulates overproduction of melanin (colour) in the melanocytes, which causes irregular skin colouration and dark spots or pigmentation as we know it.


The treatment contains an exclusive combination of active substances with proven efficacy, which acts on all phases of the hyperpigmentation process by totally eliminating existing hyperpigmentation, preventing it from re appearing and preventing the appearance of new dark spots. 

What does the treatment involve?

The cosmelan® treatment involves two methods:

Cosmelan 1 - professional treatment applied in clinic 

Cosmelan 2 - maintenance treatment carried out by the client at home.

This method of treatment should be continued for at least 9 months to a year. This will allow the melanocyes to stop producing the same abnormal production of melanin. If the treatment is not carried out for this length of time then it is most likely that the pigmentation will return.

How important is it to use the homecare products?

Using the recommended home care products is paramount to a successful treatment. De-pigmentation home care products will prepare the skin prior to a peel. This will optimise your results, ensure even penetration of the peel, reduce risk of adverse reaction or post inflammatory pigmentation, it encourages cell turnover and progressively introduces the skin to pharmaceutical ingredients. 

How successful is the treatment?

The cosmelan® is chosen over other treatments for hyperpigmentation and melasma because the method is highly tolerated by all skin phototypes, it is more efficient and involves a lower risk of recurrence and a longer lasting result.  

Cosmelan De-pigmentation Programme

12 month treatment plan

This programme includes:

  • Consultation/Skin analysis 

  • Skin preparation products

  • 1 x preparation peel

  • 1 x Cosmelan 1 - in-clinic treatment

  • Cosmelan 2  - home maintenance cream x 4

  • Review appointments/client check in


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