LightStim Therapy


What is LightStim Therapy?

LED stands for light emitting diode. The diodes convert electrical energy into light energy. Just like plants converting sunlight into energy in order for it to grow, human skin and body tissue works the same way by absorbing the therapeutic light emitted by the LED's.

The cells of the skin uses this beneficial energy, stimulating the cells and restoring it's natural processes. 

Is LightStim safe?

LightStim therapy is non-invasive, it uses low levels of light and  therefore it does not damage the skin but instead has a therapeutic effect.

It is good for all skin types and has undergone hundreds of clinical studies.

How can LightStim benefit my skin?

In my clinic, I use LightStim combined with my existing skin treatments such as facials, skin peels, micro-needling, IPL. This will furthermore improve the skins response to these treatments, increasing cell vitality and healing processes. 

It can also be used at home as a therapeutic treatment. Clients with conditions such as Rosacea, finds this very beneficial.

Hand held LightStim for home use 


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