Skin Peels


What are skin peels?

Skin peels are made from a group of hydroxy acids, derived from many natural organic sources. It is used to achieve different degrees of exfoliation, it resurface and regenerate the skin by acting on different layers of the skin, inducing a controlled wounding of the skin and therefore initiating a healing response. This healing response in return stimulates collagen production, strengthens existing elastins and increases GAG production (water retaining molecules). Addressing conditions such as pigmentation and melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring. It is also an excellent treatment for those with sensitive or rosacea skins. 

Can peels be used with other treatments?

The peels are provided in a variety of derivatives, depths and strengths and can be used alone or with other clinical procedures. Great results can also be achieved on other parts of the body where the above conditions are present

What peels are used in the clinic?

In my clinic I perform skin peels using two well respected skin brands in the aesthetic industry.

mesopeel® by mesoestetic® and Alumier MD Glow Peel

Why is it important to prepare your skin before treatment?


Recommended home care products will prepare the skin prior to a peel. This will optimise your results, ensure even penetration of the peel, reduce risk of adverse reaction or post inflammatory pigmentation. It encourages cell turnover and progressively introduces the skin to medical grade ingredients.  

How many sessions are recommended?

Depending on your skin condition, a course of four or more treatments with a minimum of a two week interval is recommended, each peel will prepare the skin for the next, allowing for better penetration of the skin and improving treatment outcome.

Single peels 

  • per session - £80.00

  • course of 4 - £288.00

  • course of 6 - £384.00

Combination Peels

(e.g glow peel, modified Jessner)

  • per session - £120.00

  • course of 4* - £432.00

  • course of 6* - £576.00

A course of 4 or more is recommended for best results

*NB: Pre and Post treatment home care products are included  

with  courses of 4 and 6 only. Post care products only are included when paying per session.

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