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A full consultation will be carried out prior to commencing treatment, this usually takes around 20 minutes.

At this visit a medical history will be taken; I need to be informed of all current medical and health problems, as the use of certain medications and illness may prohibit or restrict some treatments.

Questions regarding your life style and your current skin care regime are all very helpful in understanding the condition of your skin.

A full skin analysis will be carried out to determine your skin type and to confirm or diagnose any skin issues you may be having. To help you understand more about your current skin issues, pictures will be taken with the Observ 520, this will show you exactly what is going on beneath your skin and to what extent of the condition you may have.

Also at this visit I highly recommend to bring with you products you are currently using, so we can discuss and decide if they are suitable for your skin type.

All of the above will ensure that I will be able to provide you with the best options for treatment.


Different options for treatment as well as costs will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment. You can find prices for all treatments in Treatments and Price.

Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic with any queries, we are happy to help.