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IPL Hair Removal London


What is IPL (Intense Pulse Light)?

The intense pulsed light (IPL) is a light beam that is produced within a hand piece. The light emitted is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. This interaction coverts to heat which subsequently coagulates the follicle and hair shaft, as a result the hair shaft cannot grow new hair. 

The treatment is non-invasive and safe with no or minimum side effects.

Are all types of hair suitable for this treatment?

No, not all colour of hair are suitable. Hair needs to contain melanin for the light to be attracted to it, therefore blond, red, white or dyed hair will not be successful.

Is the treatment safe and will it hurt?

The hand piece has an integrated cooling system that cools the skin on contact, so there is no need for messy gels. This guarantees maximum skin safety and patient comfort. You will experience a momentarily prickling of the skin but not pain. A patch test will need to be carried out prior to treatment to ensure the correct settings are selected for your skin type and colour.

How many treatments are needed?

Because hair grows at different rates, six or more treatments are recommended with a 4-6 week interval, this will ensure a better success rate.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Extra Small area

chin / upper lip / fingers / toes

  • per session - £35.00

  • course of 6 - £205.00

  • course of 8 - £270.00

Small area

under arms / bikini / knees

  • per session - £45.00

  • course of 6 - £265.00

  • course of 8 - £350.00

Medium area

upper or lower legs / arms

beard / half face

  • per session - £75.00

  • course of 6 - £430.00

  • course of 8 - £570.00

Large area

full legs / full arms / full face 

  • per session - £120.00

  • course of 6 - £700.00

  • course of 8 - £920.00

Extra Large area

full back / full front including shoulders

  • per session - £180.00

  • course of 6 - £1,060.00

  • course of 8 - £1,390.00

Hair reduction treatments are carried out using the Sharplight OmniMax™ system with its IPL (intense pulse light) application. 

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