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Skin treatments in Oxfordshire 

As we all know, one size does not fit all, and this includes my approach to treating skin conditions. I have found through experience that providing a menu of treatments for you to choose from is not the best solution for a good outcome. Treating any skin condition requires a series of treatment sessions, a one of session will not give you the result your skin requires, but a series of a combination of treatments has proven to be more successful.


Therefore, I have compiled  Treatment Programmes. The number of visits needed depends on the severity of your skin condition.

These programmes are designed so that every treatment modality is available to you throughout the programme. We can now be more flexible meaning nothing will be added on as an extra cost, giving you a more targeted and complete skin rejuvenation.

Each programme will also include a small bundle of targeted skin products and after care products. Treatment modalities will include peels, micro-needling (Skinpen), Byonik® pulsed triggered laser treatment, IPL intense pulse light, LED light therapy, RF radio-frequency and microcurrent.

Programme One   4 in clinic treatment session  |  £800.00
Programme Two   6 in clinic treatment session  |  £1,170.00
Programme Three   8 in clinic treatment session  |  £1,520.00

A Skin Health Consultation is required. Payment plans available.

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