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Rosacea Treatment in Oxfordshire

In our lifetime the majority of us may suffer some sensitivity or irritation of the skin, may it be very mild or with more severe reactive symptoms. This condition is becoming more frequent in my clinic and treating this condition is the first step to a healthier skin. 

A compromised or reactive skin is a sign that the skins natural barrier function has become impaired.

What are the signs and symptoms of sensitive skin?


The skin will appear red and often uncomfortable depending on its severity. It may feel tight and dry especially in the colder months. There may also be signs of dilated blood vessels or thread veins.

What can cause sensitivity?

There are many reasons why skin becomes sensitive or irritated, the most obvious one is poor skin care use. Using incorrect products for your skin type and condition will upset the barrier function of the skin.

Other factors includes - prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, hot and spicy foods, alcohol and exposure to hot and cold temperatures. Stress and exposure to allergenic substances may also bring on this condition. Some clients are genetically inclined to dry sensitive skin.

What is Rosacea?


Rosacea usually affects people over the age of thirty. The skin takes on a reddened flushed appearance that radiates from the centre of the face and out towards the cheeks like a butterfly. Acne could also accompany this condition. The causes are not known but  the individual could have a genetic disposition. Certain factors that can cause sensitivity like above could also trigger this condition. This condition can also appear mild to severe. 


Results achieved following a 6-session treatment programme.

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