Create your remedial skincare routine

and achieve healthy, clearer skin 

with Lorraine Avanessian.

Understanding your skin condition can be confusing and easily mistaken for something else.
With expert knowledge in skin science, we can identify your skin concerns, carry out safe, evidence based treatments and help you maintain healthy skin long term.
Common Skin Concerns
Whatever your skin type or condition, achieving and
maintaining healthy skin is not impossible.

Identify and understand factors effecting your skin condition and create a treatment plan specific to your skin needs.


A single treatment will show significant improvements 

A course of treatments will optimise aesthetic outcome


The correct skincare regime

will maintain good skin health and prolong the benefits of in clinic treatments.

Dedicated to improving skin health with clean science products, evidence based treatments and expert advice.

I am Lorraine Avanessian, an insured and certified skin therapist in Advance Skin Science CIBTAC and a member of BABTAC


Your skin works incredibly hard as a protective barrier against changing weather conditions, pollution, lifestyle products, dietary choices and many other variables.

I had spent years frustrated with searching for my own skin solutions, spending wasted money and efforts on products and treatments that gave little or no results. Through research, skin health and management courses, my ethos is to understand skin conditions even in skin of colour, in order to prescribe the right treatment and products to improve overall skin health.

It can be overwhelming finding the correct skincare for your condition if you are unaware of what factors are effecting your skin. My mission is to simplify the search and solution by helping your skin condition with evidence based treatments and products that has already been proven with clinical trials.


Lorraine has been very thoughtful and listened to my concerns. Her treatments have worked quicker than I had hoped, and I have managed to leave the house without make-up for the first time in my life! She goes above and beyond” 

L Woodward, Barnes

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